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What kinds of dogs are used for sled dogs?

For transportation and communication purposes, sled dogs have been used for some time, centuries and centuries.In the yesteryears, a sled dog was used for delivering supplies and mail to people. The use of a sled dog was employed to a great effect in arctic areas and other inaccessible areas. Even in the present times, there are still a number of rural communities employing the use of sled dogs including areas of Greenland, Canada and Alaska.Though still serving their original purposes, there has been an evolution in their use,especially because of the improved technology in transport and communication. For example, at present sled dogs are used for recreational purposes and are also involved in sled dogs racing events such as Yukon Quest and Iditarod.

Choosing the best sled dog can always be difficult for the reason that different dog breeds tend to perform differently. It is a gene affair. And you know sometimes pulling a sled you need a team of dogs, which can either be same breed or different. Initially, to choose a sled dog, things like their size, stamina and brute strength were taken into consideration. I am sorry but looks don’t matter here.

While the factors highlighted above are still important including appetites, great fur, good speed and tough feet, modern day sled dogs are majorly mixed breeds.The mixed breeds were and continue to be bred for their ability to endure. In terms of the tough feet for sled dogs,the toes are not spread out and are also resistant to both wear and tear (injury). Additionally great care of the foot should be observed by their mushers. In terms of the weight of the sled dog, overweight dogs are prone to soreness as the weight can’t be supported by their muscles and joints. In fact the best sled dogs are thin or small in appearance.

For the fur, a great amount of fur is able to insulate the sled dog from the extreme cold weather that exists in these places. Importantly also, sled dogs must have great eating habits. I am talking about its ability to still eat well when the weather conditions get extreme or even when it is tired, for example after a training. This is the same with us; you can’t really perform if you are malnourished.

Additionally, because of the use of the sled dogs in racing events, increasingly there is need of sled dogs that are team players, are able to run in unison. How well you are able to train, feed and care for a sled dog will determine how useful it becomes to you. In conclusion, some of the popular sled dogs breeds used include; Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, Chinook, Samoyed, Alaskan Husky and the Eskimo dog.