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Is the siberian husky the right breed for you?

Is the siberian husky the right breed for you?

The Siberian Husky, like the name suggests, is a dog breed from North-East Siberia in Russia. It is well suited to be a working dog, a partner, a friend as opposed to other guard dogs.

Siberian Husky Dog

Features Of The Siberian Husky Dog

  • The dog has almond-shaped blue colored eyes, close standing triangular ears and a beautiful complexion complimented with a thick double coat.

  • The dog has got a lot of furs which makes it able to withstand cold seasons.

  • The Siberian Husky breed of dogs comes in different colors which makes it beautiful. However, the paramount color is white. There could be black and white, grey and white, light red and white, among many other colors.

  • The males are longer and have much weight than the females

  • This dog is intelligent, friendly, gentle, have good looks and high stamina.

  • The dog is a great family pet and companion.

Is The Siberian Husky The Right Breed For You?

The thumbs up for this dog include:

1) The Siberian Husky breed is the right breed for me because of very many things. First and foremost, this dog loves adventure. This includes hiking, walking, running among many other activities which are fun. This dog actually loves such experiences.

2) The dog is extremely friendly to people and children hence it's rare to get into a mauling spree on human beings. It plays with kids and acts as a walk dog in towns. The dog generally loves company and adventure. It is either with the other Siberian Huskies or with humans. The Siberian Husky spends most of its life being playful

3) The Siberian Husky tends to adapt easily to new surroundings easily. This is an important aspect since the dog can't be stressed out easily when taken to a new environment. It gets something to do by itself since it is very intelligent.

4) The dog is very clean indeed. It does not have the 'doggy smell' that most common dogs have. It cleans itself and always maintains a clean coat. Such are the dogs you would love to put inside houses and in the car as you go around your activities of daily living.

5) The Husky is a very intelligent dog. It learns a bit quicker than other common dogs.

6) It tolerates cold weather due to the presence of a thick fur. It also posses a double coat which makes it able to survive in cold environments. The puppies also tend to survive the cold environments which most dogs would die.

The drawbacks of this dog are few but could highly determine if you wanted this dog or not. They are:

1) The husky can be very destructive when left alone in the homestead. It may trash your gardens, lawns and some of the shrubs of flowers at your place. This is because it's very playful.

2) This breed doesn't back but generally likes howling for no particular reason. When it barks, there is a reason.

3) The dog can't be trusted with a breathing animal. These are livestock i.e. goats, cows, sheep etc. It has a very high appetite for prey which is very hard to be controlled.

4) This dog is also sensitive to certain drugs and may develop an allergic reaction to them.

5) The Serb is not a good watch-dog since it has a unique characteristic of being friendly to all.

To sum up, the Husky Serbian dog is a breed that brings about a happy home. It's friendly and loves kids. It loves company, walking and hiking altogether. It's a family pet and a companion.