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How to treat fleas on a Siberian Husky

If you are lucky enough to have a Siberian Husky, you will know that they are the same as many other thorough bred animals and require a bit more attention to detail. We cannot however rush to the vet every time they sneeze, and treating fleas should not be a long and expensive treatment plan.

I have spoken to two separate vets on separate occasions and they all agree that a vet – prescribed tablet is the only way to go. Now, to be honest, if I got a nice kick back from the medical company making the tablets, I would also say that this is the only way. I understand that washing a fluffy breed like the husky is definitely not fun, not safe, smells awful and not good for the condition of the coat. So a tablet like BRAVETO seems like a great option until you find you it is only available at certain exclusive (and expensive) VETS, not even pet stores. And it only lasts for three months.

Siberian Husky

That is fine and dandy, but what about a flea collar? Truth be told, in this reporter’s eyes, a flea collar may just be the solution you are looking for - Sold at pet stores, they are usually very safe to use around children (depending on how much you allow your one year old to pull you expensive canine’s ears, of course we need to be careful and only introduce CHILDREN to our animals, not babies) and also last for about eight months normally.

It is certainly less invasive that taking your husky for a flea dip, after all, he/she is not a farm animal. Unless you live on a farm, but then you’ll know what to do already.

Flea collars normally work on fleas and ticks and can save you lots of money during your time with your husky. The funny thing is that I have experienced that once you get rid of the fleas on the dog, it sometimes jumps to the owner. Try and explain that to a pharmacist, they think you are crazy. But a flea collar seem to do the trick, and get rid of fleas on a more permanent base.

If your dogs are sleeping outside, you will have to spray and revamp the sleeping and playing areas as fleas tend to thrive in certain areas, not just on dogs. The eggs will hatch and the new batch will be more immune the flea collar. It is there for vital to treat your dog’s flea problems by looking after their sleeping area as well as investing in a fresh flea collar at least once a year.

Sometimes we learn of a life hack that is even better than a bought product. If you speak with your local per store, they may have a more 'green' option that is just as effective. Those shops have to deal with more than just fleas and also on a larger scale. They might just have the answer you are looking for.