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How did dog sledding originate?

How did dog sledding originate?

It is not clear through various historical records who were the first men to have harnessed a dog for sled use. One thing that we clearly know is that dogs have for centuries and centuries been man’s best animal friend.Dog sledding is most popular in those inaccessible areas with extremely cold temperatures, the Arctic region. This region includes Russia (Siberia) Greenland,Northern Canada and parts of Alaska. To know how and when dog sledding originated,one would probably have to dig deeper into the history books.

How did dog sledding originate

It is recorded that the earliest possible archaeological evidence for dog sledding was found in Canadian Thule sites. Historical records point this period to be between AD 1000 and AD 1600.In this site, specialized equipment’s for pulling the dog and other evidence types showed that possibly it was in this area that the earliest dog sledding began. The Thule people, who were nomads, are thought to have invented this means of transport majorly for one reason. That is, to increase the range they would be able to travel during winter hunting.Additionally, dog sledding was greatly employed in transporting other supplies including firewood.

Migrations of the Thule People to other areas within the “Arctic Tree line” from original areas were fueled by a number of factors including population increase. The Thule people are widely considered as the ancestors of contemporary day Inuit people. In the present day, the Inuit people inhabit the Arctic regions of Canada, Alaska and Greenland. Sometimes the Inuk people are referred to as Eskimos, which is a Native American word. The word means “raw meat eater”.

Because of the importance of dog sledding, other people such as European settlers are recorded to have employed its use. For example, during the seven year’s war (1756-1763), the French Canadian military are recorded to have use dog sledding. There are various reasons why the military at that time preferred dog sledding to horses.Two reasons were that; dog sledding was cheaper and also was better equipped to cope with the freezing weather.

In conclusion, the Klondike Gold Rush that happened from 1896-1899 in the Northwestern Canada was also important in fueling the use of dog sledding. As a result of this gold rush, hauling dogs were in great demand, and their supply was less. This scarcity is what prompted the introduction of other European dogs into this area and other subsequent breeding of dogs to offset the high demand.That is, from the purebred Alaskan malamute dog to the Alaskan Husky breed.